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What is Silicon Valley? – BT

Here’s what you need to know about the US’s premier tech hub:

Where is Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is a region near San Francisco, southern California in the United States. It is a nickname for communities situated around the southern end of San Francisco Bay.

What is Silicon Valley?

The area is a hub of technology and innovation in the US and home to some of the world’s biggest computer and electronic companies.

The so-called ‘Birthplace of Silicon Valley’ was a garage in Palo Alto in 1939. It was home to two alumni of Stanford University, William Hewlett and David Packard, who set up a small electronics company.

Why is it called Silicon Valley?

The valley part of the name comes from the Santa Clara Valley, which is part of the County of Santa Clara, a state in California.

The Silicon reference originated from the high number of silicon chip investors based in the region, as silicon is used in computer chips. It has kept its name due to the continuing high volume of technology corporations and start-ups present in the area.

What companies are based in Silicon Valley?

There are many notable companies who have offices based in Silicon Valley. These include Facebook, Google, Apple, eBay and games giants Electronic Arts.

What is the Pirates of Silicon Valley?

This is a TV biographical film based on the achievements of Apple creator Steve Jobs and Microsoft pioneer Bill Gates. It was released in June 1999.

What is Silicon Valley TV show?

Silicon Valley is an award-winning US comedy series whose first episode aired on April 6 2014. It is based on the experiences of its creator Mike Judge, who previously worked in Silicon Valley as an engineer.

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