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Silicon Valley is obsessed with the Louis Vuitton Damier high-top sneaker

The Louis Vuitton Damier
high-top sneaker.

The RealReal;
Business Insider

Silicon Valley, land of hoodies and startup tees, isn’t known for
its dazzling fashion. But a leather high-top sneaker from Louis
Vitton, which retailed for $745 before it went out of production,
has captured the hearts and wallets of Startupland, according to
new report from Bloomberg

The Louis Vitton Damier high-top sneaker is the top-selling
item among online shoppers in San Francisco and Silicon Valley
on The RealReal,
an online luxury consignment shop, Bloomberg reports. The shoe is
available in a variety of styles and fetches around $500 in good

As Bloomberg notes, the checkered-patterned sneaker is the
opposite of understatement.” Like the love child of a
vintage pair of trainers and Vans shoes, it appears youthful
and chic.

We found versions of the shoe sold on The RealReal in
the range of

It’s unclear how many units have sold
on the site and how its sales fared compared to similar

The sneaker has undergone a sort of “fashion
baptism,” as the New York Times 
in 2014. As dress codes go lax and designers turn their
attention to the “athleisure” market, men and women have more
stylish, workplace-appropriate options than ever — high-tops

In 2016, Wool Runners from San Francisco startup
Allbirds became
the must-have sneaker in Silicon
Called the “world’s most
comfortable shoe” by venture capitalists, startup founders, and
the company itself, the shoes are made from wool and retail for

If you spot the Louis Vitton Damier in the wild,
shoot us an email with a

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