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‘Silicon Valley’ actor recalls flight when passenger took off pants

An actor from “Silicon Valley” talked about a bizarre encounter with a fellow passenger on a flight he was on back in December.

Kumail Nanjiani appeared this week on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” and the two started talking about recent incidents involving passengers on planes. Nanjiani said a man, who was on his flight from North Carolina to Los Angeles in December, took his pants off.

“He gets on the plane and he takes his pants off! He takes his pants off. You know how people take their shoes off, and you’re like, ‘That’s so uncool?’ He took his pants off,” Nanjiani told O’Brien.

The show shared Nanjiani’s tweet showing the man, who also propped his legs up on the bulkhead wall.

Nanjiani said the man was wearing boxers.

After a few hours, Nanjiani said a flight attendant came by to ask the man to get his legs off the bulkhead, but never requested that the man put his pants on.

When the flight landed, the man put his pants on and deplaned.

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