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Samsung’s Patent Sharing Deal With Google To Prevent Its Use of Bixby : News : Mobile & Apps

Samsung’s non-compete deal with Google keeps it from using new AI that is much better than Google Assistant. 
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Samsung will be solidifying its spot in the artificial intelligence market with its recent acquisition of both Harman and Viv several weeks ago. The latter is an AI assistant that was also made by the creators of Apple’s Siri.

As reported by multiple sources, Samsung has plans of getting rid of S Voice and replacing it with a new AI assistant, powered by Viv’s technology. This new AI, labeled Bixby, will be readily installed with the Korean tech company’s upcoming smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

With this new feature, Samsung Galaxy S8 users can ask Bixby to display videos and photos that fit into certain criteria – much like Apple’s Photos app and Google Photos. Having technology that is much more advanced than that of the S Voice, Bixby is expected to replace S Voice in Galaxy S8 units, as reported by Sam Mobile.

Bixby could be regarded as Samsung’s saving grace following the global recalls associated with the Galaxy Note 7. Sadly, however, Richard Windsor, an analyst from Edison Investment Research, said that the company’s patent sharing settlement with Google could hurt its rebound efforts, especially if the new features will compete with Google’s own.

“This leaves Viv out in the cold,” said Windsor, according to The Register. “It appears that Samsung aims to use it as part of making search and discovery on the device more intelligent – which is something Google Assistant does not really do.”

After its beta testing period, Viv has promised to be a very clever AI assistant that “understands complex multipart questions, as well as context.” Regardless of how intelligent Bixby could turn out to be, Windsor has explained that “Samsung will be unable to do anything meaningful with its functionality on Android devices.”

This non-compete deal, which was settled in 2014, keeps Samsung from recovering from a disastrous 2016 following a drastic decline in mobile sales with profits getting almost wiped out.

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