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Learn about mansplaining with the Silicon Valley trailer.

Mansplaining. Lots of women think they know what it means, but do they really? That’s the question the trailer for the fourth season of HBO’s Silicon Valley asks, through the show’s ever-articulate audience surrogate Erlich Bachman, played by T.J. Miller. Miller’s ability to turn the simplest line into something hilarious—check out the fussy way he over-articulates “but … ” in his mansplaining line—has served the show very well so far and looks like it will continue to do so. Now that he’s turned his attention to feminism, no doubt Bachman will be just as helpful to womankind as he has been to Silicon Valley.

Meanwhile, Thomas Middleditch, as tech genius Richard Hendricks, continues his journey into the heart of darkness. It’s not clear what his plans for “a new internet” will be, but it’s clear he’s pursuing them through morally questionable means. Middleditch’s performance has always had something a little squirrelly at its center—Richard has a wounded nerd’s rage—so it’ll be great if this season lets him explore that. And of course, the more things the show gives Zach Woods to be politely appalled by, the better. All in all, the new season looks really promising, and not just because it will finally explain “mansplaining” in the authoritative tones of a male actor’s voice.

As a bonus, here’s the Season 4 poster, drawn by Ghost World creator Daniel Clowes. Silicon Valley returns on April 23.

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