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Google pays homage to caroling in new holiday-themed Doodle

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 23 (UPI) — Google is celebrating the act of caroling with a new holiday-themed Doodle as Christmas day draws near.

Released Friday, users who visit Google’s homepage will be treated to a short animated clip of the letter’s of Google caroling together at night underneath a street light in an old-fashioned looking neighborhood.

Each letter is wearing a specific hat and is accompanied by a triangle player who is seen eagerly awaiting his turn to use his instrument.

“Wintertime brings with it a number of traditions, but few as old or joyful as caroling,” the internet giant notes before providing a history lesson on how singing Christmas songs in groups outside became popular.

“Dating back thousands of years, the original carols were songs specific to certain regions, and shared by wandering minstrels on their travels between towns. It wasn’t until the early 1800’s that the practice of caroling as we know it, spread across England and western Europe. During this time, cities began hosting outdoor orchestras that played songs for people to sing along with as they walked by,” they continued.

The Doodle labeled as Day 1 of the company’s planned series of holiday pieces also features a warm climate version some users will encounter which features the same letters caroling among palm tree’s on a sunny day.

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