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Google doodles a twosome for the holidays

Google gets its caroling on.

Photo by Google

Whether it’s balmy where you are or bitter cold, Google has a doodle to suit your climate.

With the holiday season reaching its peak, Google on Friday has posted a pair of doodles, one for the Northern Hemisphere, where winter has just begun, and another for the Southern, where summertime is getting under way.

The northerly doodle celebrates wintertime caroling, recapping the centuries-old outdoor singing tradition in 66 words. In keeping with the long nighttime hours at this time of year — in Boston on Friday, the sun rose at 7:11 a.m. and will set at 4:16 p.m. — the doodle shows a dusky scene, with the cap-wearing letters of “google” making music in the glow of a street lamp.

Baby, it’s cold outside? I don’t think so.

Photo by Google

Its “warm climates” counterpart, by contrast, puts those letters on a beach under a palm tree. How cruel to those of us bundled up for snow and ice!

The doodles are soundless, but perhaps that’s for the best. Not everyone can carry a caroling tune.

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