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Android Games on the cheap on Google Play

I have to admit that I’m not a big gamer on mobile. While I did try a couple of free to play games on various Android smartphones that I owned over the years, I never really enjoyed the tiny screen experience that much.

This has not really changed all that much. I guess it would be different if I would own an Android tablet, but I don’t.

Anyway, I bought my first ever paid Android game yesterday on Google Play. I had three reasons for that: first, one of the presents that I got Christmas was a Google Play gift card. Second, the game was on sale, and one of my all-time favorites. Three, it is not available as a digital download for Sony’s new Playstation console.

The game in question was Final Fantasy Tactics, or more precisely, the updated version Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL.

Android games Year End 2016 Sale

If you are an Android gamer, or just starting out, you may find the following game offers on Google Play to your liking. Many games are discounted a lot, and some start at €0,10.

Many games are discounted, but there is no single page that lists all of the games that are.

The following selection are my suggestions. If you have spotted a game that is not on this list, let me know in the comments. I’m especially interested in why you’d recommend it.

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL for €6.99 — One of the best turn-based role-playing games to grace this earth. I played the original on the Playstation. This version is the re-released version of the classic game that was first released for the PSP featuring new cutscenes, scenarios, and jobs.
  2. FINAL FANTASY VI for €6.99  — I’m a big role-playing games fan. Always liked the Final Fantasy Series. This one is discounted 50%.
  3. Many Square Enix games besides the two mentioned above. Most Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and other RPG games released for Android are discounted.
  4. Kingdom Rush Frontier for €1.09 — A well made tower defense game. While you can play the Flash version on various sites, the app-version features additional heroes and other features.
  5. Star Wars Kotor for €3.29 — Another classic role-playing game. I loved Knights of the Old Republic and its successor. Great games, great story and well worth the money.
  6. This War of Mine for €1.99 — Another great game worth every penny. You play civilians in a war zone, and your only task is to survive for as long as you can. This game features lots of tough choices.
  7. Limbo for €0.50 — This puzzle-platform indie game has received some of the highest ratings ever. It is beautiful, immersive, and can be really difficult at times as well.

There are plenty of games on sale on Google Play right now. Makes me wonder: do you game on your mobile devices? If so, which games do you play?


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Android Games on the cheap on Google Play


Google is holding a year’s end sale on Google Play currently in which plenty of great Android games are discounted significantly.


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